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Salacious Sessions


Girlfriend Experience 

                               Incall            Outcall

60 mins                   $600               $700

90 mins                   $850                $950

120 mins                  $1000             $1200



                                    Incall         Outcall

8 hrs                                      $3500






My salacious nature will excite your mind - make you readily unwind...

...enjoy the sensations I'll provide - with lustful exploration and a dirty mind...

...playful passion and full french k****ing... 

...get closer with erotic touching & a sensual oiled body2body rub...  

My GFE experience is authentically intimate and mutually pleasurable...





Role Play

Be whoever you want to be with a naughty minded girl like me...

Role play works best when our characters are the ones meeting from the start of our session to the end of the session...

I suggest you send me a brief detail of who we are, what is our relationship, and why are we meeting up -

Example :

(schoolgirl/professor - detention to be served afterclass in professors classroom, but schoolgirl plans to seduce professor so he'll let her out early, and giving her an A, if she does more than the required extra credit assignment...)

                               Incall             Outcall                                                       

60 mins                   $700                $800

90 mins                   $900                $1000

120 mins                 $1200               $1300 



                            Incall            Outcall

60 mins                $1000            $1000

120 mins               $1600            $1600


I love being invited to be shared in your intimate affair, I am sexually bi-sexual and enjoy a woman with a man who enjoy having both!

I prefer to see couples who have been in a committed relationship for 2+ years and are both present during booking a session with me


Spank Bank Sessions


Make A Movie

                            Incall               Outcall

30 mins                $1000               $1000

60 mins                $1500                $1500       


Everyone should watch themselves on camera at least once, maybe twice, maybe just that one particularly wild night you met Natalie Nixxon...

I film sessions with multiple devices to capture different angles, feel free to bring your own device as well! Once filming is finished I upload the content to a file via dropbox or google drive, where it can then be shared easily to you and only you. 

I do not keep any original content made with a client after sending. My files are destroyed to ensure client confidentiality.